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  1. Evie and Daniels are close friends. Do you think that such a caring relationship might ever be possible between a human and a machine?

  2. Simon is described as eavesdropping Evie's every thought - if you were to wake one day with such an onboard companion of the opposite sex, how would you react?

  3. The roof top garden is a unique and a special place for Evie but what emotions does it raise in you?

  4. The world in the novel is quite bleak. Are you more optimistic for the future or does the depiction ring true?

  5. If you had a choice of an additional room for your home, would you have a) Yuliya's room with its video walls, or b) Maier's room overlooking a lake and mountains?

  6. Do you think machines could ever possess a genuine sense of morality or conscience?

  7. If the equivalent to Evie was ever created, what impact do you think it would have on human relationships?

  8. If you were able to meet Evie's 'husband' Matthew - what might you want to say to him?

  9. If you were casting for TV or a movie, do you know who you would want to play either Evie or David?

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